A Wide Range of Products

Our wide range of seating and lumbar support products, motor and actuator technology, and wireless charging capabilities help you create safe, comfortable, and convenient automotive solutions.

The leader in automotive seating comfort.

L&P Automotive Group works with you to design and develop pneumatic and mechanical lumbar systems, multi-zone massage lumbar systems, seat cushion suspension, and bolster systems to meet your specific needs. Our products provide optimum support for all passengers, in anything from compact cars to luxury sedans. All of our systems can be easily integrated into front and rear seats.

Let us be your source for:

  • Static lumbar support products
  • Manual adjustable lumbar support products
  • Power mechanical adjustable lumbar support products
  • Pneumatic lumbar support products
  • Massage systems

In addition to seat comfort, we can provide seat latch release actuators and headrest power drive actuators.

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Performance and packaging solutions to meet your demands.

L&P Automotive Group custom-engineers our vehicle motors and actuators to meet the specific requirements of all our customers. Our growing portfolio of 12v motors and actuators go beyond lumbar support to include seat motion, interior applications, and more.

We can work with you to develop the right DC motors and power actuators to fit your needs. Our products are already in use in multiple automotive applications, particularly in seating systems, in the North American, European, and Asian markets. Examples of our vehicle motor capabilities include horizontal/vertical seat positioning, seat recline, and trunk release.

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Transform ordinary surfaces into wireless charging locations.

L&P Automotive Group incorporates automotive-certified Helios™ wireless charging into vehicle surfaces, providing unparalleled convenience. Our devices are designed to support the growing standards of this emerging technology and install easily in your vehicles.

Our chargers use low-cost, efficient, intelligent inductive coupling to wirelessly charge mobile devices. Our current designs work with the latest wireless charging standards. Additionally, we can include surface products that complement our wireless charging systems and incorporate other features, such as NFC and USB charging ports.

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Supporting your electromechanical and mechanical motion needs.

We help our global customers satisfy their requirements for motion mechanisms using our innovative, in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. Our automotive cable and control systems are useful for a variety of applications, including trunk releases, hood releases, window lifts, door latches, seat motion systems, and our own lumbar support systems.

Our mechanical cable components are also included in manual and power shift applications, cruise controls, and pre-tensioner assemblies. We work with you to make sure our cable technology pairs perfectly with your automotive products, and our worldwide presence allows us to get components to you with ease.

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